Ocular albinism

Ocular albinism
Ocular albinism
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 E70.3
ICD-9 270.2
MeSH D016117

Ocular albinism is a form of albinism which, in contrast to oculocutaneous albinism, presents primarily in the eyes.[1] There are multiple forms of ocular albinism, which are clinically similar.[2]:865

Both known genes are on the X chromosome. When the term "autosomal recessive ocular albinism" ("AROA") is used, it usually refers to mild variants of oculocutaneous albinism.[3]


Name OMIM Gene Description
Ocular albinism, type 1 (OA1) 300500 GPR143 Also known as Nettleship-Falls syndrome,[4][5][6] is the most common variety of ocular albinism. OA1 is usually associated with nystagmus, and difficult to otherwise detect in females; males show more readily observable symptoms.
Ocular albinism, type 2 (OA2) 300600 CACNA1F[7] Also known as Forsius-Eriksson syndrome[8][9] or "Åland Island eye disease", mostly only affects males, though females are often carriers and can sometimes be symptomatic; it is frequently linked with protanopic dichromacy (a form of color blindness) and with night blindness (nyctalopia).
Ocular albinism with sensorineural deafness (OASD) 300650  ? (Xp22.3) Is, as its name implies, associated with loss of hearing. May be the same as OA1.[10]

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