Fusarium patch

Fusarium patch

Fusarium patch is a fungal disease that occurs on grass. It is a very common disease of golf courses, and is due to the fungus "Michrodochium nivale".

Golf courses are very favourable environment to "fusarium" development, as greens are usually well watered, sheltered by trees, will high-level of nitrogen and rather alkaline soil.
Michrodochium nivale development can be controlled through different management methods. Chemical method is the most widely used method.
Other cultural controls are possible, such as the use of resistant varieties, using soil bacteria to improve soil, practices to reduce thatch, improve drainage, mowing and raking infected patches to dry them.

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* [http://naturalwaylawn.com/disease/fusarium.html More Information on Lawn Care and Fusarium Patch]
* [http://www.biggacentralsection.org.uk/picoct1.htm Picture of fusarium patch on links turf]
* [http://www.biggacentralsection.org.uk/picoct2.htm Picture 2 of fusarium patch on links turf]

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