Fusarium ear blight

Fusarium ear blight

Taxobox | name = "Fusarium"

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regnum = Fungi
phylum = Ascomycota
classis = Sordariomycetes
ordo = Hypocreales
genus = "Fusarium"

Fusarium ear blight (also called FEB, Fusarium head blight , FHB or scab), is a fungal disease in plants. It is responsible for the most common damaging disease that affects golf course grass. From an economic stand point, it is one of the major cereal diseases, being responsible for significant grain yield reduction in wheat and oats. It also represents a serious threat to human health, because it is responsible for dangerous mycotoxin-infected grain and food items.

The Fusarium ear blight is due to a "Fusarium" fungus. There are five major species of "Fusarium":
* "Fusarium avenaceum" ("Gibberella avenacea")
* "Fusarium culmorum"
* "Fusarium graminearum" ("Gibberella zeae")
* "Fusarium poae"
* "Microdochium nivale" ("Monographella nivalis", formerly "Fusarium nivale")

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