Batman's utility belt

Batman's utility belt

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Batman's utility belt is the most characteristic portion of Batman's costume, much like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, or Green Lantern's power ring.

Similar belts are used by the various Robins, Batgirls, and other members of the Batman family.


Batman historian Les Daniels credits Gardner Fox, (the first writer other than Bill Finger to write the adventures of Batman in "Detective Comics"), with introducing the utility belt concept in "Detective Comics" #29 (July 1939).Daniels, Les. "Batman: The Complete History". Chronicle Books, 1999. ISBN 0-8118-4232-0, pg. 29] In its first appearance, Batman's utility belt "contain [ed] choking gas capsules." [ Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics] : "The Batman Meets Doctor Death" in "Detective Comics" #29. Accessed July 31, 2008] Two issues after the utility belt debuted, Fox also wrote the first appearance of a bat-themed weapon, when the batarang debuted in the story "Batman vs. the Vampire" in "Detective Comics" #31 (Sep 1939). [ [ Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics] : "Batman vs. the Vampire" in "Detective Comics" #31. Accessed July 31, 2008]

Up until 1989, most artists drew the utility belt as a simple yellow belt with a buckle and cylinders around it. In 1986, Frank Miller drew Batman's utility belt with military-style pouches in the ' limited series. This rendition was utilized again in ' and used by almost every artist in the "" comics series. In 2000, the pouches became a standard feature in the depiction of the utility belt.

One feature added to the utility belt in the two Tim Burton directed Batman films, "Batman" and "Batman Returns", was a small motor which would move items from the back of the belt around to the front allowing Batman easier access to his weaponry and tools. The feature was seen briefly when Batman and Vicki Vale were escaping the Joker's henchmen in the alley and when he rescued Selina Kyle from the Penguin's clown henchmen at the beginning of "Batman Returns".

A common gag amongst comic fans is Batman's apparent ability to carry a tool for almost every eventuality on his belt, all prefixed with the word 'bat', such as bat-cookies and bat-milk. Often, especially in the Adam West series, Batman could carry everything needed for a particular scenario, from typical batarangs to a miniature batphone which remotely linked to the one in the Batmobile.


Although seemingly unremarkable in appearance, the utility belt is one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime. Composed of a kevlar strap and metal buckle, the utility belt houses ten cylinder cartridges, which vertically clip onto the outside of the belt. The buckle itself contains a miniature camera and two-way radio. A secondary compartment behind the length of the belt houses Batman's supply of batarangs.

Each of the ten cylinders contains various tools integral to Batman's war on crime, and are interchangeable with other cylinders depending on Batman's needs for the mission. Through the years, Batman has modified the contents of his belt to accommodate various needs.

During the events of "No Man's Land", Batman made use of a simpler worksman's belt with larger pockets due to the necessity of carrying more equipment. After "No Man's Land," he designed a new bulkier version of the belt, which resembling the worksman's belt he wore but with high-tech upgrades and security measures.

In the animated series "Batman Beyond", the belt is incorporated into the batsuit, with features such as the buzz blade belt buckle, and button on the buckle to activate the suit's camouflage system.

In the more recent animated series "The Batman", the belt contains highly advanced gadgets that allows Batman to summon his vehicles, thaw him out in case of being frozen, and control his surveillance batarangs. The belt also locks in place when worn and is therefore, very hard for anyone other than Batman, to take off. Batman once extended the design of the utiltiy belt to shoulder and chest for carrying a number of vampire-fighting gadgetry such as garlic bombs, vaccine to counteract the vampiric virus, and presumably sacred items commonly known able to ward off the creatures such as holy water,crucifix, and rosary in "The Batman vs. Dracula" when Gotham was on an outbreak of vampirism by Count Dracula. The extention of the belt would also create a shape of a crucifix.


Elements [ [ The Great Batman Equipment Archive] ] [ [ Batman (1989 film) - Gadgets] ] [ [ Batman Returns - Gadgets] ] [ [ Batman Forever - Gadgets] ] [ [ Batman & Robin - Gadgets] ] of the utility belt at times include, but are not limited to, the following:

*Batarangs: [ [ Batarang] ] A customized throwing weapon used by Batman. Interpretations of the weapon have varied from the boomerang to the shuriken [ [ Ninja star] ] . Recent interpretations have shown a large array of different types and sizes for different effects (ie blunt impact, edged, slashing, etc. and other uses).

*Bat-bolas: [ [ Bat-bolas] ] Thrown around the feet of Batman's enemies to tie them with a composite-nylon cord. Often causes an escaping opponent to trip. With the push of a button in Batman's glove it can deliver an electric shock.

*Bat-cuffs: [ [ Bat-cuffs] ] Bat shaped handcuffs, resembling the kind used by Special Forces units. These restraints are made of a lightweight diamond-impregnated nylon overlaying a banded steel core. Using a one-piece design, they slide closed and have to be cut off. Batman has given a special tool with a diamond-edged cutting implement to the Gotham PD for removal.


*Bat-Tracer: [ [ Hand indicator] ] Used to track enemies Batman can't follow closely.

*Communications device: [ [ Commuicator] ] Often an earbug, but sometimes handheld.

*Darts: [Judgement on Gotham (1991)] Tipped with tranquillizers

*First aid kit: [ "Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight" by Scott Beatty ] [ "The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual" by Scott Beatty] []

*Cryo Capsules: [ "Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight" by Scott Beatty ] [ "The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual" by Scott Beatty] [] Small capsules that release a cryonic acid upon the breaking of the shell.

*Goo gun: [ [ Goo gun] ] A handheld foam projector that fires an adhesive-like substance to incapacitate opponents.

*Grappling hook: [ [ Bat-hook] ] [ [ Bat-rope] ] [ [ Bat-claw] ] Used to fire a bat-shaped hook attached to a high-tensile wire line in order to scale sheer surfaces and/or swing across gaps.

*Night vision goggles: [ [ Sonar suit] ] Using Starlite infrared lenses to see thermal output in low light or non-lit situations. Currently built-in to Batman's cowl.

*Flashlight: A simple flashlight. Batman uses it in numerous episodes of the animated series, usually when looking for clues, or through private files in the dark.

*Kryptonite ring: Stored in a lead box, it is reserved for emergency use against a rogue Superman and/or other Kryptonians. [e.g., "Superman/Batman" #32]

*Acetylene torch: [ [ Bat-laser] ] A strong miniaturized laser used as a cutting tool.

*Line gun: (Grapnel Gun) [ [ Line gun] ] [ [ Gauntlet] ] [ [ Double grappling hook] ] Similar to a grappling hook, the line gun uses a strong clamp attached to a high-tensile wire for scaling surfaces and/or traversing gaps. It can be recovered by releasing the clamp and rewinding the cable. It was based from one that is designed as compact climbing gear for commando units.

*Lock pick: Sometimes kept in the gloves instead.

* Marble: Rolled down stairs to imitate footsteps. Depicted as a magnetic metal ball in the "Hush" storyline arc.

*Micro camera [ [ Bat-monitor] ] : A miniature camera

*Miniature smoke grenades [ [ Bat-c

*Miniaturized toolkit [ [ Bat-saw] ]

*Rebreather: [ [ Batsub] ] Allows Batman to breathe underwater or in vacuum. Depending on the writer and/or artist, it may also be incorporated with the gas mask.

*A Master Key (sometimes mistakenly called a skeleton key) is perhaps the simplest tool in Batman's utility belt.

*Smoke pellets: [ [ Bat-caps: "Batman (1989 film)"] ] Often used to quickly provide cover for Batman's stealthly exits and entries. Knock-out gas pellets are used as well for non-lethally incapacitating opponents. Lachrymatory and regurgitant agents are deployed by throwing or breaking open the small hardened-gelatin spheroid capsules.

*Stun ("Flash-Bang") grenades: [ [ Bat-bomb] ] [ [ Bat-c
] Emits bright light and loud sound to blind and stun enemies.

*Thermite grenades: An incendiary used to burn [ [ Bat-heater] ] through obstacles. In "", the thermite charge ignited accidentally and destroyed the utility belt. Although they are identified as "Thermite", it is safe to assume that Thermate is used instead. (The former is a World War II technology which has largely been replaced by the latter.) In "Judgement on Gotham" (1991), Batman is equipped with a phosphor-based incendary device.

*A cache of cash

*Evidence bags: [Justice League cartoons ] Bags in which to hold evidence.


Batman typically utilizes two mini-explosive types: small "pellet" grenades with quick-setting contact cement and five-second delay fuses; and concussion/blast grenandes of explosive or flash/bang force with three-second to 40-minute delay, radio-control, or bungee-primia cord detonators.

In other media

A variation of the Bat-grenandes or Bat-bomb [ [ Batbomb: to blow up the rocket before it turned Gotham into a crater] ] appeared in the 1997 live-action film "Batman & Robin" [ [ This portable explosive charge in form of a bat can be thrown either or attached with a magnet. As soon as the aerodynamic wings fold up, it can examine Batman on the inserted display whether the bomb is really sharp. In addition it can steer the explosions: either the bomb goes highly, if it hits or if it approached the goal on a certain distance. In addition, it can be ignited with the help of a signal of the inserted clock. The asking bomb can be loaded with flare signals, explosive or traenengas.] ] . These bat-shaped portable explosives could either be thrown or attached with a magnet.

Bat-grenades were also designed for but ultimately, not shown [ [ This weapon is not to be seen in the film. It was planned to hunt Axis chemicals not only with the help of asking mobilization ILS into air to let but also the time bomb be used.] ] in the 1989 live-action Batman film. With this bomb, following a time run off, an explosive with enormous explosive yield is set free. In the same movie however, Batman was seen using smoke grenades [ [ Pellets: thrown at his feet to conceal himself; one thrown into a doorway to confuse goons] ] [ [ As soon as these caps on the soil impact, a close smoke spreads. Batman uses this smoke around its opponent orientation to take to wrap itself or in order to escape from a close situation.] ] .

For director Tim Burton's second Batman film, "Batman Returns" (1992), the Caped Crusader had in his arsenal, a collection of special "test tubes." [ [ Batman Returns - Gadgets > THE TEST TUBES] ] These little tubes were hidden in the utility belt, and contained several mixtures of chemicals. They had several effects when thrown separately or mixed together. The blue was napalm [ [ Napalm Pill: thrown at the Catwoman, exploding and burning her arm] ] , the red was an explosive and the green was knockout gas.

Christopher Nolan's film "The Dark Knight" (2008) had Batman using remote explosive devices that appear to be designed primarily for creating diversions and for making holes to escape or enter from. Fired from a device similar in functionality to a sniper rifle (and which has a fantastically long range), the small and barely-noticeable explosives stick to surfaces by means of a gummy adhesive applied to them. They remain on the surface until detonated, and the force of the explosion is potent enough to destroy concrete pillars.

Grapple gun

The grapple (or line) gun [ [ BATMAN-NEWS > Grapple Gun Overview] ] [ [ Character Profiles - Gadgets - Grapnel Gun] ] (or Batcable [ [ Bat Gadgets] ] ), normally allows Batman to scale up or rappel down tall buildings, or swing [ [ The act of swinging using the batcable, for instance, quickly switches the view to an angle looking toward Batman for no apparent reason other than to show off his front.] ] between Gotham City skyscrapers on successive lines.

Similar to a grappling hook and speargun, the line gun uses a strong clamp attached to a high-tensil wire for scaling surfaces and/or traversing gaps. It can be recovered by releasing the clamp and rewinding the cable. It was based from one that is designed as compact climbing gear for commando units.

A magazine of explosively-propelled darts attach to de-cel jumpline reels secured with braking and clipping mechanisms inside the grapnel gun sleeve. "Smart" acceleration motors within the grapnel dart head enables attachment to light aluminum, steel, or concrete masonry. The dart is also engineered for snap-on mini-carabiner or high-test de-cel line.

In other media

"Batman (1989 film)"

This grapple gun [ [ Grapple Pistol: hangs a thug convert|30|ft|m off a catwalk, lowers himself from ceiling, escapes several times; the Official Movie Magazine attributes it a smaller second trigger which shoots paralyzing nerve gas from a second barrel above the grapple but this feature was never used; two parts stack to form gun; bottom half is winch and line and can be hooked onto belt and used separately] ] [ [ Grapple Gun: significantly bigger gun and grapple than pistol, to save he and Vale from falling] ] [ [ (1989 film) > Grapnel Gun] ] [ [ The first Grappling Hook Spear Gun resembles outwardly a hand-held weapon. It consists of two parts and in the center is plugged together. It can shoot arrows, which are connected with a steel cable. These windings around steel girders or bore themselves deeply in rock in. The integrated coil seizes approx.. 80 meters rope. The upper nozzle sprays if necessary a Betaeubungsgas.] ] was a spring action, speargun-like device that shot a grappling hook and, when needed, paralyzing gas.

"Batman Returns"

The grapple gun [ [ Grapple Pistol: (identical to first movie) shot into the wall behind a bad guy; Batman yanks on the cord and the anchor pulls a chunk out of the wall, hitting the enemy in the head and knocking him out] ] [ [ Returns > Grapnel Gun] ] [ [ The second Design of the Grappling Hook Spear Gun is based in the first model. To make it something revised around it handier and easier. To erziehlen the exterior with chrome parts enriched the better visual effects. The departure is no longer at the lower surface, but on the upper surface, the trip with the thumb is operated.] ] [ [ The doubles Grappling Hook is an advancement of the arm tulip. This is more handicher, graceful designed and around some lighter. Also this Gadget brings Batman by its twin projectile of point A to point B.] ] from "Batman Returns" was based on the first model from the 1989 Batman film. It was revised around the handle. Now, it had more chrome parts. The launcher was now at the lower part, but on the upper surface and it was operated with the thumb.

"Batman Forever"

The look of the grapple gun [ [ Grapple Gun: shot into wall to carry bank vault] ] [ [ The striking power of chopping was strengthened around some. It breaks through now also hardest rock and steel.] ] [ [ Forever > Grapnel Gun] ] changed dramatically for "Batman Forever", to fit with the "new" [ [ Batman's gadgets and weapons were also completely re-vitalized by Ling and company, reflecting the organic, sleek, high-tech and futuristic style of the vehicles. Among the extraordinary weapons and gadgets from the Batcave vault are the Batarang, Clamp-Ended Bat Cable, Bat Bolo, Bat Torch, Bat Grapple Hook and Bat Goo Gun.] ] Batman (Joel Schumacher directed instead of Tim Burton, and Val Kilmer was the star instead of Michael Keaton). Now, it was more powerful and could cut through hard steel and rock, as seen in the opening bank sequence.

"Batman & Robin"

The grapple gun [ [ Grapple Gun: to stop from falling, to knock the freeze ray out of Mr. Freeze's hands, to get up to Gotham Observatory] ] [ [ This Spear Gun has the same characteristics as its predecessors. Only the Design was adapted to the Freeze Suit.] ] [ [ & Robin > Grapnel Gun] ] from "Batman & Robin" was very different from the one from "Batman Forever". It can be attached on Batman's glove or the utility belt. The 90 m rope it launches can carry as much as 400 kg.

"Batman Begins"

The grapple gun [ [ - Batman Begins - Gadgets - Weapons] ] [ [ Earlier drafts oriented themselves exactly the same at classical gun Designs as at modern hand-held weapons. Finally one decided for a straight-line, simple and extremely effective form, which does not remind of approximately of Harrison Fords weapon from ' Blade Runner '.] ] [ [ Magnetic grappling gun with monofilament decelerator climbing line.] ] from "Batman Begins" was propelled with compressed air works with a magnetic Enterhaken [ [ Enterhaken] ] . The thin climbing cable was tested on a load-carrying capacity of convert|350|lb|abbr=on. A static responsive Bat-Cape that act as a Hang glider. His Batsuit offers
Batman protection from bullet's and allows him to perform Hand to Hand combat.

"The Dark Knight"

The grappling hook used in this movie can attach to another gadget to fire (even from great distances) adjustable-timed explosives that will attach to desired targets or surfaces.


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